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Single Black Men: Is marriage really for white people?

Watch this video and here what Brothers have to say about the matter (from CNN’s Special Reports area of the “Black in America” site.


FYI: They also posted this great article on one sista’s singleness http://www.cnn.com/2008/LIVING/wayoflife/07/22/single.black.women/


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Single Black Women, let us pray…

…for this Negro. *sigh*

A few days ago I wrote about a documentary called The Wedding Proprosal (click here) that featured an interview with Thomas Lopez-Pierre of the Harlem Club. Mr. Lopez-Pierre had some “interesting” [cough…scathing] things to say about the prospects most black women have when it comes to getting married. He came off very pompous and flippant, so I was not surprised that he took the time to comment on the post. Here’s what he had to say:

To my professional Black sisters:

I am sorry that so many of you will never find a husband.

Only God will be able to help you.

Thomas Lopez-Pierre
Managing Member
Harlem Club, LLC

LOL. What kind of advice is that? The situation out here is so bad that Mr. Lopez-Pierre suggests that you call on the Lord! Or, if you’re cute you can send a headshot and if you’re worthy old boy might let you join the Harlem Club (headshots required for the ladies). Well ladies, what do you think? Is God your only hope and refuge?


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