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Crank Dat” Best Selling Digital Song EVER!

3 Million ringtones sold and 28 million hits on YouTube!  Does CNN have any idea what the song means?  OH LORD, this is too funny…LOL

Really, it’s been a really long time since a dance has caught on like this (Think Roger Rabbit, MC Hammer, Kid n’ Play, Electric Slide).  The Chicken Noodle Soup was popular, but too athletic for the masses to really get into.  This is the first real dance craze of the Millennial Generation.


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UW’s Bo Ryan cranks dat Soulja Boy

This dance is reaching epidemic proportions.  This is UW Men’s head basketball coach, Bo Ryan, doing the Soulja Boy Dance.  Oh Wisconsin…who would have thought.

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White Kids doing the Soulja Boy Dance

LMAO, Lord have mercy.   They better do that dance!  That little boy in the front…somebody needs to check his racial identity records…one drop, one drop.  He’s got rhythm!


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