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UC San Diego Racial Unrest Continues: Hood Found on Statue

The LA Times is reporting that a “Ku Klux Klan-like hood was fashioned from a pillowcase and placed on a statue outside UC San Diego’s main library, in what may be another racially provocative incident at the beach-side campus, officials said Tuesday.”

Um…when is a klansman’s hood ever not a sign that it’s racially provocative?  Not “may be”.  The word would be “is”.

University police say they are investigating the matter as a possible hate crime and examining the hood for fingerprints and even DNA analysis.

The hood, with a hand-drawn cross inside a circle, was found about 11 p.m. Monday on the statue of Theodor Seuss Geisel, better known as the children’s book author Dr. Seuss, after whom the library is named. A rose was inserted into the statue’s fingers.

Why Dr. Seuss? I love Dr. Seuss. That’s just wrong!

I really feel for the black students at UC San Diego. Hell, I feel for us all. Especially those of you who have had your Post-Racial hopes shattered in the last year. Oh no, institutionalized racism is alive and well.


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King memorial postponed, design issues

There have been a number of people who did not think that the King memorial to be placed on the National Mall (it’s not really going to be on the mall…it will be off the tidal basin…lol) should be made in China anyway, so this news of the memorial being postponed is not surprising.
A King Statue ‘Made in China’? – washingtonpost.com
Some Say Memorial Design Misrepresents MLK Jr. : NPR

A Seattle Times article titled “King looks like dictator in statue, critics say” says:

Construction of the national Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial has been postponed after a federal commission likened its proposed sculpture to the art of totalitarian regimes.

The U.S. Commission of Fine Arts, which has the power of approval for such projects in the capital, has notified the memorial’s planners that the “colossal scale” and static style of the planned 28-foot granite statue “recalls a genre of political sculpture that has recently been pulled down in other countries.”

The panel also said that a clay model that has been built in China for the sculpture depicts the civil-rights leader, shown standing with his arms crossed, as too “confrontational,” said Thomas Luebke, an architect and secretary of the arts commission, who summarized the objections in a letter April 17.

The project’s chief architect, Ed Jackson Jr., huddled with advisers this week in Ann Arbor, Mich., to discuss ways to address the commission’s objections before sculpting of the granite statue begins. [click here to see a photo]

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