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McCain Supporter Carves “B” in her Cheek and Blames Black Obama Supporter

Pardon the pun but, this B is crazy.  CBS NEWS is reporting on a Pittsburgh woman charged with making false report after claiming the letter “B” was carved into her face by a black mugger.  She joins a the horrible legacy of white women who have committed crimes (like drowning their children) and white men who’ve done the same (murdering their wives) and blamed it on fictional black men.

I’ve read some horrible emails with all kinds of things people have made up to discredit the Obama campaign.  I’ve read crazy, racist, and outrageous bs on tons of blogs.  Have I been surprised at my fellow Americans in those cases…NO.  However, this…this is totally crazy.  This woman is sick.  Period.  The McCain camp can’t be blamed for her actions, but they need to understand that the kind of lies and rhetoric that they have tolerated and fostered has produced this kind of following.

From CBS NEWS – Full Story

Ashley Todd, 20-year-old college student from College Station, Texas, admitted Friday that the story was false, police said.

“She just opened up and said she wanted to tell the truth,” Bryant said, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “She was upset with the media for blowing this into a political firestorm.”

Todd, who is white, initially told police she was attacked by a 6-foot-4 black man Wednesday night.

She told investigators she was attempting to use a bank branch ATM when the man approached her from behind, put a knife with a 4- to 5-inch blade to her throat and demanded money. She said she handed the assailant $60 and walked away.

Todd claimed that she suspected the man then noticed a McCain sticker on her car, became angry and punched her in the back of the head, knocking her to the ground and telling her “you are going to be a Barack supporter,” police said.

She said he continued to punch and kick her while threatening “to teach her a lesson for being a McCain supporter,” police said. She said he then sat on her chest, pinned her hands down with his knees and scratched a backward letter “B” into her face with a dull knife.

Todd also told police she didn’t seek medical attention, but instead went to a friend’s apartment nearby and called police about 45 minutes later.

On Friday, when she admitted the story was fabricated, Todd told police she believes she cut the backward “B” onto her own cheek, but she didn’t explain how or why, Bryant said.

“She said she doesn’t remember doing it but knows it must have been her who did it,” Bryant said, according to the Tribune-Review.

Todd reportedly said she thought of Barack Obama when she saw the “B” on her cheek and minutes later “came up what a plan” to manufacture the story, according to Bryant. “

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Photo: Ashley Todd (AP/sarahsarmy.blogspot.com)


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Video: Hillary’s Fearmongering 3am Attack Ad

Oh Lord…Who DO you want answering the phone???  In his response Obama said that the red phone moment was Iraq and that Clinton, McCain, and Bush all gave the wrong answer.  Good counter!

She must have been mad about this…


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Hillary at the Black State of the Union

I SO wanted to see her have to go toe to toe with Sharpton and Farrakhan. Oh, Tavis, you PUNK! LOL

Hillary left her campaigning duties to take advantage of the drama Tavis created around his “Black State of the Union” event in New Orleans (Obama won Louisiana’s primary by a margin of 57 percent to 36 percent by the way). She had to defend her husband’s civil rights record, discuss why he didn’t apologize for slavery during his 1998 trip to Africa, and how he did apologize for the Tuskegee experiment. Wait a min, who is running Hill or Bill? I don’t want to here about him?!?!? Why is she apologizing for him? (Not a good sign…they set you up on that one Hillary. Those Negroes! LOL)

Clinton must win in Ohio and Texas. Honestly, I don’t think that catering to African Americans at this late hour is going to help her. It might actually hurt. Black people know when someone is desparate. So many of us are familiar with desparate circumstances. I personally am not impressed. Barack is winning by appealing to all voters. He is not the Black Vote candidate, like Jesse was back in the day. Most black people agree…you can’t win a presidential election via the Black Vote alone in America in the year 2008.


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Divine Nine: Obama wins in Wisconsin

The Associated Press is reporting that Obama rolled past a desperate Hillary Clinton in the Wisconsin primary tonight, gaining the upper hand in a Democratic presidential race.

It was Obama’s ninth straight victory over the past three weeks, and left the former first lady in desperate need of a comeback in a race she long commanded as front-runner. He cut deeply into Clinton’s political bedrock in Wisconsin, splitting the support of white women in Wisconsin almost evenly with the former first lady and running well among working class voters in the blue collar battleground, according to polling place interviews. The economy and trade were key issues in the race, and seven in 10 voters said international trade has resulted in lost jobs in Wisconsin. Fewer than one in five said trade has created more jobs than it has lost.

Maybe Hillary should have focused more on all the votes instead of just trying to pimp Hispanic votes in Texas. Yes, yes…I know that’s harsh, but I’m tired this evening. Forgive me.

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Member of Jena 6 up for assault

Why Bryant? Why? The Associated Press is reporting that a “defendant in the Louisiana “Jena Six” case was arrested on suspicion of slamming a student’s head into a bench at his new school in Texas, police said. Bryant R. Purvis, 19, was arrested on a charge of assault causing bodily injury Wednesday after an altercation at Hebron High School. It began because Purvis believed a student had flattened his tires, Sgt. John Singleton said.”

I’d just like to quote Bill Duke in “Menace 2 Society”…”You know you dun’ fucked up now, right? You know that right?” When it comes to sentencing African Americans, Texas is nothing to play with. The article notes that Bryant was upset about the alleged victim messing with his car. Tsk, tsk…has this young man learned nothing?


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‘Catastrophic Times’ for Black America

By Max Fraser, The Nation. January 15, 2008.“I am not a pessimist,” said Sheila Jackson-Lee, the progressive Texas Congresswoman, midway through a panel on “The State of Black America” at the annual Wall Street Project Economic Summit. For Jackson-Lee, a Democrat who has endorsed Hillary Clinton but whose stances on issues like the Iraq War and immigration often put her well to the left of the party, encouragement came from the diversity of the Democratic field. “I am not unhappy about an Hispanic, a populist, an African-American and a woman running for the presidency,” she explained.

Yet pessimism was hard to avoid during the early sessions of this latest economic summit, convened January 5-9 in New York City by the Rev. Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow/PUSH Coalition. The summit’s theme, Jackson reiterated time and again, was the “structural inequality” that has persisted in American society long after the end of legal segregation. The main item on the opening day’s agenda was the subprime mortgage implosion, its impact on black communities and its larger ramifications for a national economy barreling toward recession. Black homeowners have been hit particularly hard by the mortgage crisis, largely because predatory lenders have been steering them toward subprime loans for years, even when they could afford prime rates. According to Valerie Rawlston Wilson of the Urban League, home equity accounts for nearly 90 percent of black homeowners’ total net worth. So as the housing market collapses, much of the trumpeted new wealth that has accumulated in black communities in recent decades will go with it.

“There is no question that a black or Latino family is twice as likely to receive a subprime loan as a white family,” fumed Lewis Fidler, a white New York City Councilman who participated in the day’s second panel, Continue reading

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Texas: Black Man Found Guilty of Raping Multiple Men

Why, oh why is this a brother??? “Dayum, dayum, dayum, James!” 

The Associated Press is reporting that jury convicted a man Tuesday of raping another man, one of five sexual assaults he is accused of committing on men in an eight-month spree in 2006. The sentencing phase of the trial was to begin later Tuesday for Keith Hill, who could receive anything from five years’ probation to life in prison for aggravated sexual assault.

The trial focused on just one of the cases against him: A May 2006 attack of a teenager who said he was forced to perform oral sex at gunpoint after he was abducted from his driveway near Houston.

The U.S. Justice Department says one in 33 men in the United States has been a victim of a rape or attempted rape, compared with one in six women. Experts say men are far less likely to report a rape because they fear being perceived as weak.

Hill, 20, pleaded not guilty to the attacks, and his attorney, Lane Lindsey, said Tuesday that a confession he gave to Harris County Sheriff’s Sgt. Shane McCoy in February may have been coerced.

Lindsey said Hill gave a written confession after six hours of interrogation by McCoy and police officers from Baytown, the refinery town where the attacks allegedly occurred. Because there is no videotape or audiotape of the confession, it’s impossible to tell whether the statement is genuine, Lindsey argued.

But in his closing arguments, prosecutor Spence Graham said it should be easy for the jury to convict Hill because his semen was found on the victim’s shirt and because his confession included information that only the actual assailant could know.


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