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Black Bloggers throw down in this year’s election

I love this article. Shout out to the “Afrospere”. Spear…Spear Chuckers maybe??? Has anyone one else thought of that conotation. Black Bloggers, did we come up with that term?  Did it come from the Afrospear Think Tank?  Sigh, anyway…

On African American Blogs, Sharp Words for Candidates

By Jose Antonio Vargas – Washington Post
These are busy — and impassioned — times in the Afrosphere.

Five days before polls open in South Carolina, where half of the Democratic primary voters are expected to be black, blogs such as African American Political Pundit, Jack and Jill Politics, The Field Negro, and Black Prof, to name just a few, are, like many South Carolina African Americans, sharply questioning Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign strategy against Barack Obama — especially in the wake of last night’s debate slugfest in South Carolina — as well as John Edwards’s claims of electability.

After last night’s debate, in which Obama and Clinton traded their most aggressive and personal barbs to date, Christopher Bracey of BlackProf wrote: “Looks like Barack won this round in convincing fashion, with Edwards and Clinton tied for runner up. Funny how the press wants to concede S.C. to Barack now. I don’t think this was the case a week ago.”

Added the blogger who calls himself L.N. Rock, a Silver Spring-based IT professional and founder of the African American Political Pundit blog: “Let us not forget John Edwards, and his under the radar seemingly racial and sexist comment….when he said, ‘The ONLY thing I would say — and I think it has nothing to do with race and gender. Let me be really clear about that. It’s amazing now that being the white male…is different…is being able to go everywhere in America and campaign and to compete — and…I think I can go everywhere and compete head-to-head with John McCain.” Continue reading


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