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Black Women Doing the White Thang in the UK

As black women dating white men becomes a topic I see more and more of in the black press and on blogs, I wonder…Will the stigma that haunts these relationships in the US be as large as the one that haunts Black Male/White Female relations.

From Why black women are doing the white thing

Now, rather than sitting around dreaming about the perfect black man, black women are considering the possibility that ‘Mr. Right’ could be white.  Casting aside reservations about interracial relationships – for some, due to the atrocities committed during slavery – they are beginning to look past race when choosing a potential mate.

Race doesn’t matter to Paul Kennedy and Michelle Clarke. Best friends since primary school, they are now in a relationship together. Kennedy is white and Clarke is black.  “People are finding people with common interests and common perspectives and are putting race aside,” says Clarke, 26, a Middlesex University graduate who works at Barclay’s Bank.

Clarke and her friends are among the new generation of black females that are opting to date outside of their race due to their social environment. Like Clarke, the majority of young people have friends or acquaintances of different races and nationalities, and are seen as more tolerant and open-minded than previous generations. Unlike their parents and grandparents, today’s teens and twenty-somethings have grown up hearing the buzzwords ‘diversity,’ ‘multicultural’ and ‘inclusion’, and are used to seeing interracial friendship and romance portrayed in films and on TV – especially in soap operas and adverts.

“I don’t see colour as an issue,” states Clarke. “We have been very happy together and apart from a few isolated incidents, we have not experienced any open hostility towards our relationship.” Continue reading


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3 white men convicted of attempted murder for stabbing black man

The Associated Press reports that three reputed white supremacists were convicted Friday of attempted murder, assault and committing a hate crime for stabbing a black man.Joseph Dale McCool, 21, of Yucca Valley, Anthony Scott Allen, 24, of Big Bear City, and Ryan Christopher White, 29, of Joshua Tree were convicted by a jury after nearly three days of deliberation for the 2006 stabbing and kicking of Charles Washington as they used racial epithets.

The jury found that Allen did not use a knife, but McCool and White did.

Their cohort Chad Timothy Wilson, 21, struck a deal and pleaded no contest to being an accessory to the attack after the fact. He was sentenced Thursday to three years probation and one day in jail, authorities said.  McCool, Allen and White were scheduled to be sentenced Feb. 2.

On Dec. 8, 2006 the four men made a stop in Claremont, a college town about 30 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, while en route to a white supremacist rally at the West Los Angeles Federal Building, prosecutors said.   As many as 12 white men exchanged words with two black men outside a liquor store, and the confrontation led to the attack on Washington, authorities said.

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