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Yes WE Did: Barack Obama wins the Presidency of the United States of America

I’m going to write something deep and heartfelt later today when I really have a chance to let Barack Obama’s win sink in. I’m going to get all profound (hopefully) and really do this historic event in America’s history justice. But right now…right now I’m just going to go on straight emotion and the since of pride I feel as an African American. I think this photo says it for me.
Obama Pictures and McCain Pictures

The First Black President of the United States…and he is really a force for Unity. Oh you should have seen the streets of NW DC and the crowds at the White House last night. So diverse…old, young, black, white, asian, hispanic…everyone was out and happy about Barack’s win. There was a new energy that has nothing to do with politics. It was about possiblities and a belief that “We the People” still exists. We can still be heard as one voice and affect change, real change.

“I am the hope and the dream of the slave”. Yes I am. Yes We Can. Yes WE Did. Congratulations America. The world applauds us.


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Obama Sweeps DC, MD and VA

It’s a happy day today in DC for Barack Obama supporters.  That’s 8 wins, large margins and key states.  He faces Hillary’s history and support within Hispanic voters who classically don’t vote for African American leaders.  It will be interesting to see if there is an effect from all of the displaced Katrina voters who are now registered in Texas.   In VA, he won among white men and cut into her lead with white women.  This could be the same case in Ohio.  I smell a Obama/McCain race.  The media was acting like Hillary was a bystander last night.

I was awesome to be in DC and MD last night.  Obama supporters were at the metro stations.  I saw a lot of young African Americans…not even of voting age…very excited coming off the train and seeing the supporters.  They were yelling “Obama in O8!”  I was yelling too.  It was great.

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